Thoughts from a "Murph" first timer

Last month I reached out to our members and asked if a Murph first timer would be willing to share their thoughts and experience of this workout.  Thank you Ally for sharing your experience, it's a perfect representation of what we all go through with our "fitfam"

Ally Rancourt - 


“Murph” is one of those buzzwords in the CrossFit and general fitness worlds that you hear a lot; even before I started doing CrossFit, or working out really at all, I saw people around Memorial Day posting that they “did Murph”. It wasn’t until I started doing CrossFit and became more invested in the community that I realized what this workout actually meant for athletes and the heroes it commemorates, specifically Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy. It really changes a workout when you’re in that dark place where everything hurts and you think you just might pass out, but instead of focusing on just getting it done for yourself your thoughts are redirected to the sacrifice that men and women like Lieutenant Murphy have made and will make for this country. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do Murph with my Steelfox team so instead I did it on my own, and it really struck me how much the community and my friends at the gym change my experience of CrossFit. The dark place was a little darker because I didn’t have my friends going through the same thing and cheering me on. Being alone forced me to reflect more on why I was really doing the workout (aside from the fact that I ate everything in sight the past weekend and I needed the workout), and it made me appreciate my CrossFit community that much more.