The Athlete Manifesto

An Athlete is driven by an intrinsic desire to be better than yesterday.

They strive daily to be stronger, faster, fitter.


Athletes find motivation in achieving their own personal greatness, never in comparing themselves to others.

They recognize the only thing within their control is their own attitude, their own effort, their own growth.


Athletes are inspired by the community around them, to represent and to celebrate the bonds of fitness that tie us.


Athletes never ask for permission to chase their dreams.

They work in the early morning.

They work in the late of night.

They know the work they invest in solitude will be rewarded under the lights.


Athletes are motivated in knowing that everything they have, they’ve earned.


If you ask an athlete why they compete, they’ll tell you—this is for themselves, no one else.



Define their own destiny.

Create their own luck.

Make no excuses.

Realize their competition makes them better.

Place no blame.

Know failure is never fatal.

Believe everything is earned, not given.


I am an athlete.

Photo Cred Dustin Stokes

Photo Cred Dustin Stokes