ABOUT Michele

Michele, California born and Vermont raised, is a scientist that works in the greater Boston area. Growing up, she played soccer and field hockey, stayed active in college, and hired a personal trainer post college. She was a multi-sport athlete - field hockey, soccer, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, and training for marathons were some of her sports of interest. She continued to push herself to try new activities and enjoyed the camaraderie that team sports provided. After a few years of off-and-on training with minimal direction, she was looking for a way to take her fitness to the next level. After hearing rave reviews about Crossfit from co-workers, she decided to take the leap and try it.

Michele’s Crossfit journey began in early 2013 at Crossfit H20 in Medford. She was an enthusiastic member of the in-house barbell club, participated in multiple team competitions and mentored new athletes.  After Crossfit H2O closed its doors in 2015, she continued to train in Crossfit Style workouts on her own but missed the supportive community and coaching a Crossfit gym provides. In late 2016, Michele found the Crossfit Steel Fox community and in May 2018, completed her CF L1 training.  She is excited to share her experiences as an athlete through coaching and to continue this journey at Crossfit Steel Fox.

5 Principles Michele lives by:

1.    Give THANKS for where you have come from, where you are and where you want to be.

2.    With everything you do, do with love, generosity and connection.

3.    Success comes from the steps you take every day.

4.    Be authentic.

5.    Always strive to be the best YOU