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The 4 week Crossfit summer challenge 

Im looking for all CrossFit Newbies who live in  the Burlington, Bedford or Lexington area, that are looking to transform their bodies with one of the best fitness programs known to mankind! You will be lead by a Certified Level 2 CrossFit trainer who will take the responsibility to give you all the tools needed to get in the best shape of your life and more:

  1. Personalized nutrition plan, private nutrition group, shopping list and app
  2. Foundations classes to learn CrossFit
  3. 2 week check-ins to make sure you are accountable
  4. Convenient morning, mid-day or evening times to ensure you make your sessions. In other words  you can pick the schedule that works for you!


❌ You hate fun

❌ You love excuses

❌ You don't play nice with others

❌ You are not motivated to change your body and life


So, are you ready? Reserve your spot now and let's get started!