Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Partner WOD: “Halloween Doomsday”

Teams of 2. You and your partner will do first the Zombie WOD, Then you will have 2 minutes rest and do the Defender WOD, At the conclusion, Both WODS are done for time, and then added together. Shortest time wins. All exercises in both WODS are done with one partner working as long as they can, while the other rests, in succession, until they get each task accomplished.

WOD info:

WOD A: completed by "Zombies" 18 min cap

30 Wall Walks, 60 Burpees, 60 Wall Ball, 60 Pullups

2 min REST

WOD B: completed by "Defenders" 18 min cap

300M Farmers Carrys, 200 Double Under, 100 Box Jumps, 60 Deadlifts 185/135