Are you ready for the CrossFit Open?

From the Crossfit Coach’s Staff here are some tips we want you to consider on this year’s Crossfit Open Starting Feb 23rd!


          Preparing for the Open

          Have a goal going into it

At the beginning of the Open develop personal goals that you’d like to have happen. If it’s not your first try and improve from previous years. There’s likely to be a repeat like always so know your last score and try and top it. If this is your first open, attempt to complete all the WODs Rx. If you don’t have muscle ups, the opens a great time for your first!

           Regular WOD and Opens have different strategies

Competing and training are two different animals. Scaling appropriately and not stressing about WODs are the everyday. Realizing that your approach to each week should be geared a little different. Taking no days off all week will affect your performance friday night.


Understanding pacing is the easiest and quickest way to improve scores on a workout. Coming out full throttle may feel fantastic for the first 90 seconds but there will be a crash and burn. Breaking when you want to, not when you have to, finishing faster than when you started, etc.

          Drill weaknesses

The movements in the opens are relatively set. There are new movements that pop up every year like bar muscle ups, OH walking lunges and dumbbells. However, burpees, thrusters, pull ups, cleans, snatch are staples of the open and focused on. If you have a glaring weakness in any of these common areas, drilling them in the weeks leading up will be critical.

          Longer warm ups

In a normal class there might be several strength pieces and a shorter general warm up. In the open, focusing on a single quick WOD gives you more time to warm up and prep. A general warm up followed by specific movement preps will optimize performance. This also gives you more time to practice weaker movements.