Why Should I Do The CrossFit Open?

Why Should I Do The CrossFit Open?



The past 2 years I’ve done the Open, week 4 would always fall on my spring break for school. Now I may have been able to use this as an excuse but, luckily for me there is practically a CrossFit Box in every corner of the world. Last year I dropped into a box in San Diego and completed 17.4. It was great to be able to immediately join another community and have the full support of everyone there. Being part of the world-wide CrossFit community is awesome

Find weaknesses

The Open always has a movements and workouts that will expose one or more of weaknesses in your fitness. In workouts that start climbing in weight, I definitely find myself sliding down the leaderboard a little bit. After the Open I see that as a weakness and can focus my accessory work and training around weightlifting rather than staying comfortable in my strengths.

Track Progress

I still remember Open WOD 15.4. It was an ascending rep scheme of cleans and handstand push ups. I’ve been doing CrossFit for a few years and felt decently confident in my fitness. Not so much after. I think I got around 7 handstand push ups in 8 minutes. Skip to 3 years later I repeated the workout on my own and I absolutely blew my original score out of the water. It’s sometimes hard to see progress happen in the short term. The Open allows you to track progress over long periods of time and really see improvement!


Intensity is what we strive for in every workout we do. Anyone who has done the Open knows that the intensity level get jacked up during these WODs. Reminding yourself how hard you actually can push in a workout that may matter just a little bit more is great. The WODs may be unassuming on the whiteboard, but when you get a competition mindset and you are feeling it the next day.


Throwing down Friday nights with the entire gym is fun! You can talk strategy, weaknesses, strengths, watch other athletes, and follow allow with Games Athletes. You can take the Open as serious as you want but at the end of the day it’s always fun!