Getting through the Holidays

   “Getting through the Holidays”

Can you believe it is that time of year again?? Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and before we know it, we will be sitting around the gold old pine tree. The holidays are a wonderful time of year filled precious time with our friends and families. In our culture, the Holidays are also about the FOOD. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and desserts. And just like Thanksgiving, and New Years is always one of those Holidays that you gather around the table and stuff your face until you're in a food coma and then go back for seconds.

Sometimes, more often than not, we can take the holidays and food overboard. Reaching for that second helping, or third cookie, not realizing that we have just consumed our entire day's worth of calories in one meal. Now, that's not to say we can’t enjoy ourselves and have that extra serving or cookie, but there is a way to do that without overindulging. If you're dieting during the Holidays, this can be a very stressful time. There are temptations everywhere. You have to use that self control to not have those extra servings and helpings so you don’t hinder your progress. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. I have put together some helpful tips to help you stay on track this Holiday season. I hope they help. Enjoy the holidays with all your family and friends!

  1. Be realistic. It is easy to tell yourself that you're not going to have any dessert or a carb all holiday season. But the truth is, the more deny yourself, the more likely you are to binge. Instead, tell yourself you are going to fill up on protein and veggies first, then allow for one portion of indulgence such as a piece of cake or pie. Enjoy every bite.

  2. Don’t deviate from your normal routine. If you know you're going to spend the night at your work holiday party or a friends house for a yankee swap, begin your day as you would any other. Don’t skip meals to “save calories” for treats and drinks. Have a protein packed and good fat snack like a protein shake with a scoop of peanut butter an hour before your event. Protein and fat help cut cravings for sugar and processed carbs.

  3. Exercise in the morning. Some of you may cringe at that thought. (me included) Moving your body first thing in the morning sets your day right and helps your body stay stress free during the busy holiday season. Getting your workout done and out of the way ensures nothing comes between you and your fitness goals.

  4. Bring healthy treats to the party. Once someone invites you to their party, offer to bring something. This may not be an option for every occasion, it's always worth offering. This way you know the menu will include at least one healthy option.

Don’t beat yourself up. This is the most important if you ask my opinion. If you happen to overindulge, leave the guilt behind. Guilt associated with food is toxic and can create much more harm than good. Tell those little voices in your head to go away. Tell yourself that it is okay, and move on by getting back to eating and doing the things that make you feel good.